Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I am glad to offer my service to you.
I am an expert of using iOS and Android devices and different application on them. For the last 5 I got experience with many mobile operation system versions, upgrades, installations and hot fixes.
All my colleges and fellows always contact me if they have any troubles with their devices.
I am a quick problem solver, because can identify and find solution for many known and unknown difficulties which people experience with mobile devices every day.
I can easy contact people and many of them became my friends.
I am a post-graduate student of technical University. My specialty is telecommunication systems, so I learned much about hardware in IT sphere.
Several years ago, I tried to write a small app for iOS using Objective-C, but realized that I more like to deal with hardware and software rather than coding them.
Let me know sir, if you consider me as a candidate. I am always answer quickly and detailed.
My name is Ernst, I can work your time zone. My rate is $12/hr. Let me do quick test for you to prove my words.
Thank you for offer!

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