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Earn Money Online By URL Shortening Complete Guide with Urdu/Hindi Video

Hello World! Today the topic is How we Earn Money with no Extra Efforts? 
We have thousands of opportunities for online earning so which should we choose method that is suitable for us? For answering this question Now I am going to tell you how we can make suitable Money Online With with no hard efforts. Watch Video Below for Practical Guidance.

make-money-by-shortening-url Introduction is the global most popular and trusted URL shortening Service Company. It offers you to shrink your long URL and make money out of them. It’s almost same as Google,, but difference is you can earn money with but not with the others. You can earn a fix amount of money (depends on the clicker’s and your location) when someone visits your link. You just Register on then shorten the URL and paste everywhere you want, (like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.)
How to Make Money Online by Shortening URL?


First you’ve to Sign Up for a free account. CLICK HERE to Sign Up



Then there is a Shorten a link box. Shrink your link that you want. After this, place your long URL in the blank text box and click on Shrink! After you click on that button, your long URL will be changed into a short URL.

Now use this Shortened URL wherever you want.

How it works?

When someone visits your shortened URL, he/she will first be watching 5 seconds advertisement and after it a SKIP AD option appears. SKIP AD Button redirects him/her to the main page whose URL you’ve shortened. In this way the visitor wait for 5 seconds which is not a huge lag of time but will surely give you money in your account. The amount you’ll earn is very less about $0.005 but just think if your one shortened link can give you $0.005 dollars then what if your that shortened link is visited by 1000 Times then you’ll make $5 without any Hard work. You just shrinked a URL and you earned $5 which is a good amount if you earned it without any efforts. Now this was only a single URL. You can shrink multiple URL’s and distribute them via social media or website or blog. The complete tutorial is given below.
If you’ve a Blog or Website then you can optimize all your links because if a needy person is visiting your website then he/she can wait for 5 seconds because it’s not a big time at all.
Formula to Make Money By URL Shortening:

1. Make Money with Social Networks using links are not banned on any Social Networks until you start spamming people with your shortened links. So here that is the strategy. You can directly Tweet your links on Twitter. If your Twitter Account is attached with Facebook then the same tweet will automatically be shared on your Facebook account timeline.
Suppose one thing, If you’ve minimum of 100 followers on Twitter and almost 100 friends on Facebook then it means your link will be shared with 200 people out there. Also if someone shares your links on Facebook or Retweet on Twitter then it’s a win-win situation. Analyze the best time of posting when most of the people are online on social Network.

Don’t post bare links on your social media, Include some text related to the URL. Like if your shortened link is about make money online then you can write it in your post like “Make Money Online Fastly. Just follow the given link to knowing about yourself. 
In this way you can get focus of your Social Media Friends. Share your best links with your friends with whom you often talk. If they like your links then you will get Facebook Shares or Retweets on Twitter easily.

If you don’t have a Twitter account then create one. Start following others. In this way you’ll get follow back from many of them. You can create more than one account. But follow the people related to the same niche as yours. Suppose you want to Share links about “Hit Songs”, then follow those people who have same interest as yours. For searching the people related to your niche, just write your niche in the Twitter, Facebook or any other social network’s search bar and you’ll find thousands of people with same interest. For mass following you need a free account in tweepi tool bar at a single click you can follow 20 people. In this way, you can follow more than 10,000 people not in a single or two days but within weeks wait for the people to follow you back. Meanwhile start posting your shrinked URLs there.
Choose some hit songs, viral videos link from YouTube or from any other popular site. Shrink their links and start posting them on your social networks.
2. Make Money from Website or Blog using

This method is the most successful of all but little time-consuming. You can monetize all your site’s pages and links by
If any person visits your site then it’s obvious that you will get more than 10 visits on your shortened links by the visitor but the deal is you should have quality content. I am telling this time-consuming because it could take a little bit to set up your blog or website then you’ve to increase its contents or posts which can’t be achieved in a single day. But if you already have a website or blog with good traffic and contents then you are also ready to make money fastly. Just start monetizing all your pages or posts and links with
We have discussed two most important methods of earning money from Now it’s up to you how perfectly you start your second income. “BALL IS IN YOUR COURT”
If you want to join now then Click the banner given below:

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