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Dreamweaver 8 Upwork Test Answer

1. What is the name of the property that lets you specify the number of
pixels between the cell content and the cell edge?
  1. Cellpadding
  2. Cellspacing
  3. Exclamator
  4. Seperator
  5. None of the above
2. How do you Lock up a file on the remote server to prevent other team members from editing it while you can edit the file yourself?
  1. Make the file read only
  2. Archive the file
  3. Check in the file
  4. Check out the file
3. The Code inspector works just like Code view but allows you to work in a separate coding window.
  1. True
  2. False
4. What is the use of the property “text-decoration=none”?
  1. It will remove all the styles which you have applied to the text
  2. It will remove the underline (especially if applied to hyperlinks)
  3. Nothing will change
  4. None of the above
5. Pick the statement which is true.
  1. You can use Behaviors, Styles, and Timelines in templates
  2. You can only apply Behaviors and styles to objects in the original template
  3. Both a and b are true
  4. Both a and b are false
6. Can Editable regions be exported from one template to another?
  1. Yes from the menu, choose File > Export > Export Template Data as XML
  2. No, Dreamweaver does not have any such feature
  3. Yes from the menu, choose Modify > Export > Export Editable regions as XML
  4. Yes but the only for templates which have less than 10 editable regions
7. A navigation bar:
  1. Consists of a sequence of images, arranged either horizontally or vertically, that make up a series of navigational buttons
  2. Consists of a sequence of buttons, arranged either horizontally or vertically
  3. Consists of a series of navigational buttons
  4. None of the above
8. The start page contains buttons for inserting various types of objects such as images, tables, layers into the document?
  1. True
  2. False
9. Which among these file formats lets you export and import sites in dreamweavers while keeping all the site’s settings intact?
  1. zip
  2. rar
  3. xml
  4. cab
10. What is shown in the given image?
  1. The coding toolbar
  2. The document toolbar
  3. The style rendering toolbar
  4. The standard toolbar
11. Which among the following file types does not support dynamic pages?
  1. htm
  2. cfm
  3. asp
  4. php
12. Which two events add up to an ‘onClick’ event?
  1. An onClick event consists of the onMouseDown and onMouseUp events
  2. An onClick event consists of the onMouseDown and onMouseClick events
  3. An onClick event consists of the onMouseClick and onMouseUp events
  4. None of the above
13. In which ways can you sort a table automatically in Dreamweaver?
  1. Sorting alphabetically or numerically
  2. Sorting in ascending or descending order
  3. Sorting from internal to external cells
  4. Both a and b
  5. Both a and c
  6. a, b and c
14. Which among the following gives information for correcting the code when an invalid code is highlighted with yellow?
  1. Code inspector
  2. Property inspector
  3. Design view
  4. None of the above
15. In the figure, what is the function of the options marked in green?
  1. They are used for clearing columns widths and row heights
  2. They are used for inserting text in a particular column or row
  3. They are used for indentation of table
  4. None of the above
16. For a website that you create in Dreamweaver, where are the working copies of site files on your hard disk?
  1. Local Folder
  2. Image Folder
  3. The location of Dreamweaver settings files
  4. None of the above
17. Which regions, editable or locked, are highlighted when you are editing the original template file?
  1. The editable regions
  2. The locked regions
  3. Both editable and locked regions are highlighted with different colors
  4. Neither is highlighted, we have to recognize the regions by their headings
18. While working in split view how do you switch the view in order to take the design view on the top half and the code view to the bottom half?
  1. Toggle the split view button
  2. Click on the view options button on the document toolbar and select design view on top
  3. Click the Show Design View button on the toolbar
  4. Click view> Switch view
19. What type of objects are shown in the figure?
  1. Frames
  2. Common objects
  3. Forms
  4. Characters
20. In the given figure, what does the highlighted item in blue show?
  1. A Local folder
  2. A Dreamweaver site
  3. Remote ftp
  4. None of the above
21. You cannot work in the design view when live data is turned off, in case of dynamic pages?
  1. True
  2. False
22. Which one of the following attributes limits the number of characters a user can enter in the form text field?
  1. Length
  2. Size
  3. MaxChars
  4. Maxsize
23. What is an orphaned file?
  1. A file that has no outgoing links to other pages
  2. A file with a missing template
  3. A file that has no incoming links pointing towards it
  4. A file that is not being used in the site anymore
24. You have created a page with a background image. You want the page to be displayed in such a manner that the image remains fixed in its position when the page is scrolled. How will you do this using Dreamweaver?
  1. You will simply specify the image name in the background attribute of
  2. You will make a class and add it to . In that class you will turn on the option Repeat=”fixed” in background styles while making the CSS Style
  3. You will make a class and put it in . In that class you will turn on the option Scrolling=”fixed” in background styles while making the CSS Style.
  4. It can”t be done through Dreamweaver
25. How would you create a new page based on existing built-in Page Designs in Dreamweaver?
  1. Click File>New>Page Design Templates>Create
  2. Click File>New, Select Page design in the general tab and choose the desired design
  3. Click File>Import>Page Design
  4. Click File>Open Recent and choose the desired Page design
26. In the Sitemap, what is the appearance of a file that is checked out?
  1. It has a green check mark beside it
  2. It has a red check mark beside it
  3. both a and b are true
  4. It has a small icon of an eye beside it
  5. None of the above
27. Which among these features is used as a guide to re-create a page design that was created in a graphics application such as Macromedia Freehand or Fireworks.
  1. Backdrop Image
  2. Background Image
  3. Tracing Image
  4. None of the above
28. Preload images is a handy action you can tie to the onLoad event for a page:
  1. True
  2. Partially true
  3. False
29. The given image shows a suggestion box that can be turned on and off from?
  1. Edit>Preferences>Code Hints
  2. Edit>Preferences>Code Format
  3. Edit>Preferences>Validator
  4. Edit>Preferences>Default
30. Do you need to have a target layer to use the Drag Layer Behavior?
  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Only when you are using it with drop-down menus
  4. Yes you need target layers along with the destination layer
31. Where do you specify which particular file types should be opened in the code view by default?
  1. Select Edit>Preferences and access Types/Editors preferences
  2. Select Edit>Preferences and access Defaults preferences
  3. Edit the choices in the “code view” menu item on the document toolbar
  4. You cannot specify any such preference
32. Jump menus are drop-down lists that contain entries for every page on your site.
  1. True
  2. False
  3. Partially True
33. In the given figure, what is the Split Button used for?
  1. It allows you to see both the code and layout of one area in a file on which you are working
  2. It splits the code view into two parts, so that the code from two different files can be edited at once
  3. It splits the code into two halves at the line of demarcation and save the code as two seperate files
  4. None of the above
34. Which among the following lets you manage your documents and folders, whether they are part of a Dreamweaver site or on a remote server?
  1. The document window
  2. The document toolbar
  3. The file panel
  4. None of the above
35. Under which style category does the Z-index option appear?
  1. Extensions
  2. Positioning
  3. Background
  4. Box
36. What is History Panel used for?
  1. To log steps taken in the current document, undo or save them, or automate tasks
  2. To log the visitors on the site
  3. To log the users editing the files on the site
  4. None of the above
37. The Drag Layer action assigns three properties to each draggable layer about the position and state of the layer. Which three are these?
38. Dreamweaver can attach a Design Note to any file, whether its a web page or another type of file in a web site. Is this statement true?
  1. No, Dreamweaver cannot attach any design note to any file
  2. Dreamweaver attaches the Design note to HTML files only
  3. Yes, Dreamweaver can attach a design note to any file in a web site
  4. None of the above
39. You want all the pages of your website to be have a uniform appearance. You decide to use stylesheets to achieve this. What will you do?
  1. Create an HTML Markup style
  2. Create an External Style sheet and link it to each page of your website
  3. Embed all the styles in the of each HTML document
  4. Link all the web pages with a common tag –
40. How can you change the Z-index of the dragging layer with the Drag Layer Behavior?
  1. You cannot change it
  2. You can make the layer come to the front by checking the ”Bring Layer to Front” check box. You can then leave it on top or restore it to its original Z-index
  3. You can make the layer go to the end by checking the ”Put Layer to Back” check box
  4. You can change it through the Y-index check box
41. In the image, what does word wrap do when clicked upon?
  1. It inserts Line breaks into the code automatically so that the code does not go beyond the given width of the view
  2. It makes the code lines appear on the new line whenever the maximum length limit of the view is encountered but does not actually insert line breaks into the code
  3. It seperates different code commands into parenthesis in order to distinguish them easily
  4. None of the above
42. When working in a collaborative environment using FTP, it doesn’t matter if everyone is using Dreamweaver’s Check In/Out functionality. True or False?
  1. False, one member of your group could overwrite the work of another member if everyone is not using Check In/Out functionality
  2. True, you need not use this functionality in a group when you are using a third-party program to manage version control
  3. Both a and b are true
  4. Both a and b are false
43. How many style sheets can you link to a web page?
  1. Only one
  2. Ten
  3. As many as needed
  4. None of the above
44. Which among these options lets you check how the page appears on a handheld device, such as a mobile phone or a BlackBerry device?
  1. The style rendering toolbar
  2. Reports in Dreamweaver
  3. The document window
  4. The file panel
45. Which option on the property inspector do you select to create a nested list?
  1. The indent button nests one list within another
  2. The target button
  3. The nested list button
  4. None of the above
46. A Sitemap can be used to add and delete pages, change page titles and check internal links:
  1. True
  2. False
47. Which among the following is not a menu item on the selection sub menu?
  1. Comment out lines
  2. Convert Tabs to line breaks
  3. Indent
  4. Remove all tags
48. What is true about live data?
  1. Dreamweaver processes the source within itself and generates the results in the design view
  2. Dreamweaver saves the file in the webserver directory and provides user a link to view the results
  3. Dreamweaver sends a temporary copy of the open document to the webserver folder for processing. The resulting page is returned and displayed in Design view and the temporary copy is deleted.
  4. None of the above
49. How can you convert tables into layers?
  1. Select the table, right click on it and click on the option ‘Convert to layers’
  2. Select the ‘Convert tables to layers’ option from the Convert submenu under the Modify menu
  3. Click on the option ‘Convert tables to layers’ in the main menu
  4. There is no option in Dreamweaver to convert tables into layers
50. How does an Editable Region differ from an Optional Region?
  1. Editable Region shows in all the pages, where as an optional region shows only in the selected pages
  2. Editable Regions cannot contain dynamic content whereas optional regions can
  3. Editable Regions can only contain text where as optional regions can have an option to contain text or images
  4. There is no difference between an optional region and editable region
51. Stylesheets cannot be used for specifying border styles:
  1. True
  2. False
52. In the figure, which field is necessary to fill while defining a site?
  1. Site Name
  2. Local root folder
  3. HTTP address
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above
53. You can resize an image in the dreamweaver but cannot crop the image, for that you need an external image processing application?
  1. True
  2. False
54. The bottom left of the design view shows the tags as given in the image. What happens when we click on the td tag?
  1. Opens suggestion box for the td tag
  2. The td tag code is auto corrected
  3. The td cell is selected
  4. Nothing happens
55. In the given figure, what has been shown?
  1. The document window
  2. The document Panel
  3. The start page
  4. The document toolbar
56. What is a dynamic page?
  1. That has embedded animation effects
  2. That has scripted mouse rollover effects
  3. That has the source computed to generate the output html at the webserver
  4. That has the source computed in the browser window to generate the output html
57. How can you tell which images in your entire site are missing the Alt text?
  1. Run the Missing Alt Text report on the entire site
  2. Run the report command on the entire site
  3. Both a and b are true
  4. Both a and b are false
58. Which of the server behaviors let you display multiple items returned from a database query, and let you specify the number of records to display per page.
  1. Formats
  2. Recordset Navigation
  3. Show Region
  4. Repeated Region
59. What is indicated by the region marked Green?
  1. That the region marked green is locked
  2. That the region marked green is editable
  3. That the region marked green is a comment
  4. That this is a template
60. Which among the following workspace elements contains buttons that provide options to switch between Design view and Code view?
  1. The standard toolbar
  2. The coding toolbar
  3. The document toolbar
  4. The insert bar
61. What does the Dreamweaver cache do?
  1. Enabling the cache speeds up some Dreamweaver features such as updating hyperlinks
  2. The cache also enables the application to accomplish link and site management tasks quickly
  3. Both a and b are correct
  4. None of the above
62. In the above Dialog box, where will you specify the name of the Rollover image?
  1. You have to add it in the textbox called ”Image Name”
  2. You have to browse for it through a separate dialog box
  3. The textbox for specifying the Rollover image is missing in the figure
  4. You have to browse for it in the box labeled ”when clicked, go to URL”
63. What will you use to create a Hyperlink Rollover?
  1. CSS Selector styles
  2. CSS class styles
  3. HTML Markup
  4. The Layer style in CSS
64. The applyBehavior() function:
  1. Inserts an event handler into the user”s document to call the action function
  2. Returns one or more functions to be inserted into the of the user”s document
  3. Is the set of functions
  4. None of the above
65. Which menu option brings up this popup box?
  1. File > Export > table
  2. Modify > Export > Export table
  3. Export > Export table
  4. This popup box is not a part of Dreamweaver, because Dreamweaver does not allow exporting of tables
66. Where should the embedded stylesheet be placed in an HTML page?
  1. Anywhere
  2. In the <Head> part of the document within <style></style> tags
  3. In the <Body> part of the document within <style></style> tags
  4. In the <embed> tag within the <body> part of the document
67. State which is true:
  1. Z-Index sets the stacking order of the layers
  2. Layers can inherit the visibility of their parent tags or can be set independently of the parent to be either visible or hidden
  3. Both a and b
68. How do you disable automatic code re-writing on opening and closing of asp, php or cfm files?
  1. Choose Edit>Preferences>Code Rewriting. Ensure that Never Rewrite Code is selected and In Files with Extensions contains the appropriate file type.
  2. Edit>Preferences>Code Hints. Ensure that Enable Auto Tag Completion and Enable Code Hints are not selected.
  3. Toggle off Re-write code by right clicking on the page.
  4. You cannot set a preference for this feature
69. Which of the given options lets Dreamweaver automatically save multiple versions of a document?
  1. Auto Backup
  2. Contribute compatibility
  3. File Rollback
  4. None of the above
70. In which of the following modes is the “visual aid” button on the document toolbar disabled?
  1. Show Design view
  2. Show Split view
  3. Show code view
  4. None of the above
71. Templates can be used to import and export XML content:
  1. True
  2. False
72. Dreamweaver does not have an in built webserver, rather it provides connectivity to the local or remote web servers for the site management.
  1. True
  2. False
73. From where can you insert events?
  1. From the + sign
  2. Click on events and the list will be displayed
  3. From the drop down in between events and actions
  4. None of the above
74. What is “Set text of frame”?
  1. It is an automatic frameset
  2. It is a powerful action that lets you completely replace the content of a frame with new text you supply
  3. It is an action that lets you replace the text in a frameset
  4. None of the above
75. In the figure, what happens if you do not select a delimiter value?
  1. The file will not import properly, and your data will not be correctly formatted in a table
  2. The file will not import at all
  3. The data will not be displayed
  4. None of the above
76. The buttons shown in the given image appear in the property panel when an image is selected. What functions are these buttons used for?
  1. Drawing custom shapes on the image
  2. Drawing Image map clickable regions on the image
  3. Custom selection of the image
  4. None of the above
77. When does a person viewing a web page get to see the active link color of a hyperlink?
  1. When viewing a page that has links which have not been visited yet
  2. While clicking on a hyperlink
  3. After visiting a link
  4. While moving the mouse pointer over a link
78. In the given image what radio buttons would you choose to insert the pseudo-class a:hover into the HTML of a Web page?
  1. Tag, New Style Sheet File
  2. Class, this document only
  3. Advanced this document only
  4. Class, New Style Sheet File
79. What tag is used to embed the animated GIF file in a document?
  1. embed
  2. applet
  3. anim
  4. img
80. Which of the following elements can be added to a template?
  1. Links
  2. Style sheets
  3. Behaviors and Java script
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above.
81. Word-spacing and letter-spacing for a class is specified under the Block category:
  1. True
  2. False
82. Which among the following is not considered as the document’s dependent file?
  1. Design Notes
  2. External Style Sheets
  3. Images
  4. None of the above
83. While working on a large site, how do you set Dreamweaver to exclude certain folders from site operations such as Get or Put that you perform?
  1. You Check out the concerned folders
  2. You Check in the concerned folders
  3. You make the concerned folders read only
  4. You Cloak the concerned folders
84. Suppose you have set the width of a table column to a certain value, say 50 pixels, but when the page is opened in the browser, the column is not 50 pixels wide. What is the most likely reason?
  1. There may be some problem in the browser
  2. You haven’t set the width of the entire table
  3. Column widths cannot be specified in pixels
  4. None of the above
85. What does the z-index value signify in the layers property inspector?
  1. The type of the layer
  2. The stacking order of the layer
  3. The size of the layer
  4. None of the above
86. How do you define a template’s editable regions?
  1. Choose the area to be editable and press F11
  2. From the menu, choose Modify > Templates > New Editable Region
  3. Choose the area to be editable, and a pop-up will be displayed automatically, where you can define editable regions
  4. From the menu, choose Insert > Template Objects > Editable Region
87. What is the File Extension for template files?
  1. .tmp
  2. .dwr
  3. .htm or .html
  4. None of the above

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