Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Two years ago, I started working in a company that sells clothes for men. I got great experience in two-step-selling.
In many cases we use the Internet for the following:
– send mailcasts via MailChimp with discounts and sales
– using surveys with funny prizes
– we created and support blog and promotion sites – because it was easy to move them into top of SE
– we use social networks – but if to be honest then social networks does not work well anymore
– we use forums, review and comparison sites to generate leads
– we have Youtube/Vimeo channel with our products
– we create a simple mobile app to browse/check our products
This is a constant work to update all resources, generate new ideas, and implement them.
Each product is unique of course, so it may require some time adopting ad/promo texts for it.
Let me know more about your product, it helps me this think out what strategy is the best and provide my vision.
I would glad to help you.
Best wishes, Soiree

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