Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Hello, sir
Let me please know the goal of such sharing. If the goal is a lead generation then I can suggest using additional methods like: posts on forums, comments on thematic sites, running top rated promotional sites and sending mailcasts/surveys.
Anyway, I often do a job of creating thousands G+, Tw and FB accounts and post content, images and relink them to increase backlinks and get new customers.
I am very technical person, so I know how to accomplish such task quickly and with high quality. For example, for creating accounts I use special script, which automates this process.
In addition, I know great tools, which rewrite content to build many unique articles from one.
I am ready to start as soon as you tell.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
I am responsible, energetic and accurate. I always listen to people very carefully and do what they request to do.
My rate is very low for now $5/hr, because I just begin on this site.
Thank you for offer, sir.
Best regards, Michael

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