Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Hello dear employer
My name is Maria Hernandez (UTC-3:00)
I type 55 words per minute!!! This is the maximum according the Internet research.
I am post-graduate student and have own room where nobody cannot disturb me when I work.
I am a super hard worker: 3 months ago, my client asked me to do the job, which requires 3 days, but he needed it yesterday. I closed in my room, was working at PC, without breaks, 21h, and completed it during 1 day.
I am very attentive to details, my roommates in the University always asked me to check their grammar when we did writing home tasks.
I like to communicate with people and have many friends in the city and in the Internet.
I it is hard for me to confirm that I am effective Problem Solver, because I have not faced with difficulties, which I cannot overcome yet.
I am almost expert in Windows, because install/reinstall OS and all software my-self. MS Word, Excel, Access, Photoshop my everyday working programs.
I am so exciting to work in your team. If you decide to hire me, let discuss my questions about your company, because I am looking for long-term job.
Thank you for such great opportunity sir!!!

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