Tuesday, July 19, 2016


I am an accountant with a business office in Southern California.
I have experience in Financial Accounting, Tax, Audits and Cost Accounting.
Even though I basically provide audit functions for most of my clients, I also hold consultation sessions with businesses.
I enjoy consultation since it gives me the opportunity to help out with practical advice and recommendations that will help businesses avoid financial pitfalls.
I’ll be glad to work with you regarding your accounting and tax matters.
I can dedicate 2 to 3 hours to answering your accounting related questions.
I promise practical and useful answers and case studies that will help you make quality decisions.
I’m also available for long term work.
When will be a good time to meet to learn more about your business and decide on what time will be best for the consultation?
Once the time and other details are settled, I’m available to begin consultation immediately.
I have attached my contact information and resume for your perusal.
Do get in touch again as I’d love so much to take this conversation further.

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