Tuesday, September 30, 2014

WordPress Blog | Create Free WordPress Blog Complete Training With Video

Create WordPress Blog free of Cost. WordPress is Very Huge Platform which gives us option to Make WordPress Blog OR Website. WordPress is equal to Blogger in Competition. These two Platform are commonly used in very large number. Blogger is Google Product which also gives us authority to Make Free Blog. It gives us hosting from Picasa which is again Google Property. If you want to make a Free Blog instead of money, then my recommendation is to Make Blog in Blogger. It gives us very very easy Dashboard, Widgets, Settings, etc free of cost, otherwise WordPress is little bit difficult.


WordPress has two king which gives us a Platform to Make Blog OR Website. If you to make Free Blog in WordPress, then you must go to WordPress.com. And if you want to Create a Website in WordPress, then you must go WordPress.org. WordPress.org is change from WordPress.com. First one is allows us to create a Website with Self-Hosted Account. In this situation you will be purchase yourself a Domain Name and Web-Hosting from two different companies. Some Companies sell both Domain Name and Web-hosting from only in same service. And second is allows us to Make a Free Blog. In this Section you don't need to purchase Domain Name and Web-hosting. It provides Domain Name with .wordpress.com extension.

Create WordPress Blog Step By Step guidance:

First Go to WordPress.com
Chose your wanted Domain Name (example.wordpress.com)
In Next page Fill the given Form with your Information
And then Hit on "Create Blog" Button
Now you redirect on WordPress Dashboard
Here you can change and Customize your Settings/Blog

Create a Free Blog

Make a WordPress Blog

WordPress Training


Note: If your mission is to Make Money through your Blog, then you should create a Website on WordPress.org. This Platform is use on Business level and for the purpose of making Money. In starting you should Purchase Domain Name and Web-hosting from famous and reliable Companies. And other option is first you make Blog on Blogger and when you Earn Money from Blogger Blog, then Convert it into WordPress. 

Create WordPress Blog Video Training:

Create WordPress Free Blog Step By Step... by onlineexpert

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