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Maya test answers of 2016.

Find Complete and recently updated Correct Question and answers of Maya of Upwork. All Answers updated regularly with new questions. Upwork Maya answers of 2016.

Question:* Which NURBS element is being represented by the yellow colored line in the given image?

Answer: • Isoparm

Question:* Which utility node is used to obtain information about the position of a light relative to a texture?

Answer: • Light info

Question:* Which among these fog types can cast shadows?

Answer: • Light fog

Question:* Color curve attribute is only available for spot light?

Answer: • True

Question:* While using Move tool, which "Set keys on" option should be selected in order to set the keys on translate x,y & z attributes only?

Answer: • All Manipulator handles

Question:* Key Ticks are shown as green marks whereas breakdowns are shown as red marks on the time slider?

Answer: • False

Question:* Which among the following materials is a volumetric material?

Answer: • Light fog

Question:* Which type of light Maya automatically creates during render, if there is no light in the scene?

Answer: • Directional light

Question:* Displacement mapping does not change the surface by moving its vertices but only changes the surface's normals?

Answer: • False

Question:* Which animation editor is shown in the given graphic?

Answer: • Dope sheet editor

Question:* Which of these is a software render type for particles?

Answer: • Point

Question:* Which Material type has been used to render the sphere in the given image?

Answer: • Lambert

Question:* State whether True or False: Keys cannot be set on the transform attributes of particles individually in a particle object.

Answer: • False

Question:* How many CVs at least would you need to complete a degree 5 curve?

Answer: • 6

Question:* Animating an object using motion path creates a dynamic animation?

Answer: • False

Question:* Which of the following lets you edit event and sound synchronization and timing?

Answer: • Dope sheet editor

Question:* In the given image, which Birail tool has been used to create the surface in graphic 1, using the vertical curves as profile curves and horizontal curves as rail curves in graphic 2?

Answer: • Birail 2 tool

Question:* Which among these lets you interactively update portions or all of the scene and get immediate feedback?

Answer: • IPR render current frame

Question:* Which of the following particle render types allows setting "Line width" attribute for rendering?

Answer: • All of above

Question:* Which manipulator is represented by yellow square pointed at with the red arrow in the given image of a spotlight?

Answer: • Cone angle

Question:* In the given image, the particle render type is set to?

Answer: • Streak

Question:* Which key would you press in order to turn on the pivot point manipulator?

Answer: • Insert

Question:* "Parameter tool" displays the direction of the curve or surface and the normal to the curve or surface at a specified point?

Answer: • True

Question:* What would you do to a NURBS surface in order to create a curve on that surface?

Answer: • Make live

Question:* In the given image, the area marked in red shows the?

Answer: • Range slider

Question:* Which material type is used for representing matte surfaces with no specular highlights, such as chalk or unpolished surfaces?

Answer: • Lambert

Question:* Breakdowns can be converted into keys but keys cannot be converted into breakdowns?

Answer: • True

Question:* Which utility is shown in the given image?

Answer: • Multilister

Question:* Which is a 3d texture type?

Answer: • Ramp

Question:* Which output image file formats can store the depth channels in one file?

Answer: • Maya IFF

Question:* Which Move tool option causes the manipulator orientation to reflect the moved surface rather than the original surface and lets you move selected CVs on a NURBS surface in the U or V direction?

Answer: • Normal

Question:* Which editor is used to create, edit, and connect rendering nodes, such as textures, materials, lights, rendering utilities, and special effects?

Answer: • Hypershade

Question:* Which light has been used for rendering the given image?

Answer: • Spot light

Question:* Which light is used to simulate a combination of direct light and indirect light?

Answer: • Ambient light

Question:* Which type of attribute is typically used in an expression to control a combination of other attributes?

Answer: • Custom attributes

Question:* Render diagnostics can display limitations and recommendations regarding output image file format restrictions?

Answer: • True

Question:* In the given figure, which Maya utility does the button marked in red points to?

Answer: • Render globals

Question:* Which animation types can be edited in the graph editor?

Answer: • All of the above

Question:* Which light is represented by the icon in the given image?

Answer: • Point light

Question:* Which tool would you use to transform a number of items proportional, based on the distance from the manipulator handle?

Answer: • Proportional modification tool

Question:* Which attribute for a particle per object is set to "Live forever" in order to make the particles live for ever?

Answer: • LifespanMode

Question:* Which "world up type" in "attach to motion path" tool specifies that the up vector try to aim at the origin of a specified object instead of the world up vector?

Answer: • Scene up

Question:* Which keyboard shortcut lets you edit the particle object in edit mode?

Answer: • Insert

Question:* Which among these is not an emitter type?

Answer: • Spot

Question:* "Hold current keys" sets keys only for the attributes that change value?

Answer: • True

Question:* Which rotation interpolation would be set in order to create curves that have keyframes on sibling curves locked together but the interpolation between keyframes is performed in Euler-space?

Answer: • Independent Euler-Angle curves

Question:* In the given Image, which one among the marked options represents anisotropic material?

Answer: • A

Question:* Which surface material is used by initial(default) shading group?

Answer: • Lambert

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