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How to Create a Blog: Which one is better Blogger OR WordPress?

Blogger VS Wordpress!

Both of these are used for Blogging. When we talk about blogging, hundreds of question comes in our mind. Some newbies come across this question and get embarrassed. On interner-world many blogging platforms are available like WordPress,Blogger,joomla,Weebly,Tumblr,TypePad etc.But Blogger & WordPress both are very famous and commonly used because they have won hearts and attention of Bloggers towards them. If we talk about beginners they will always like to choose a platform which is easy and provides them features for free. Usually every beginner creates his/her first blog on Google’s Blogger. Yes: Blogger is the property of Google and hosted by GoDaddy while WordPress is a self-hosted platform. Today our attention is almost two platforms Number one in list is Blogger and second is Wordpress. So now let me discuss these both in detail.


Positive Things In Blogger:

Below I discuss some positive points and things about Blogger. All the good habits in blogger that I noted, Shared with you.
  ·         Blogging on Blogger is totally free. It gives you unlimited space/bandwith forever and that is why freebies  love to blogging on it. Only one thing you need is to buy a domain name for your blog from any Domain  Name provider Company. No worries you can also make blog on Blogger without costly domain with a .blogspot sub-domain but I advise to buy a domain because it gives your blog a professional look and builds  trust too if you are selling some products.
  ·         You don’t need to buy premium or costly templates for your blog because they are free of cost while some  templates sites sell premium templates too. You can optimize templates easily and free.
  ·         Blogging on Blogger is very secure. You only need one thing to secure your Gmail ID address with 1 step  verification. You’re Blog cannot be hacked if you don’t tell your email address to anyone and secure it.
  ·         Blogging on blogger is too easy and I think everyone can blog on it. It’s just like post your story on  Facebook.
  ·         Blogger gives you a full back up of template and posts and you can easily shift it to any other platform or  re-publish your posts in case your blog gets disappears.
  ·         If you’ve blog on Blogger you will also get a benefit of AdSense because both of them are Google’s Property.
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Firstly it’s depends on you that which platform you chose. Although my opinion is if you are newbie then you chose Blogger for blogging in starter, And after a year you should convert into Wordpress, because Wordpress is self-hosted free from any cruel master and best point is Wordpress is totaly SEO Friendly and provide best Features Plugin.


Positive things In WordPress:

  ·         WordPress is a self-hosted platform and I suggest you to choose Low cost & reliable Webhosting for it. With Wordprss you can access all files & root directory from it and can control it all, and the best thing is you don’t have to take tension of being kicked out on it like on Blogger.
  ·         WordPress provides you unique premium themes which give your Website a professional look. Template customization is too easy you don’t have to screw up with HTML/CSS languages like on Blogger.
  ·         WordPress is fully SEO friendly than Blogger because it provides lots of Plugins which make your site SEO Friendly and do some with your tasks like remove spam comments automatically.
  ·         WordPress great plugins are free and do everything with your task and save your time.

 As I also talk about this topic in above that WordPress is better from Blogger. Butt for WordPress you buy  Webhosting and Domain Name. So if you are Beginner then you start your work from Blogger and after one  year you can transfer your Blog in Wordpress, because wordpress gives you all opportunities for make  wonderful your Blog. One very important thing is WordPress is amazingly SEO Friendly then Blogger.
At-last My Opinion:

Both platforms are good for blogging and both of them are also having bad points. Blogger is not good because you can’t access files and C-panel. Blogger gives bad customer support and blog on Blogger can be removed any time. The only negative point of WordPress is that it’s not secure. Now you will be waiting for my opinion. If you ask me then I suggest WordPress but if you are a newbie you should start with Blogger and at least after 6 months when you would have earned good from your blog shift to wordpress.

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