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Office Skills Test Answer

Question: Which of the following are the most important components of good interpersonal office skills?
  Answer: All of the above

Question: Which of the following are considered bad manners while greeting a business visitor to your office?
  Answer:  All of the above

Question: You send a package through FEDEX to a client in Korea. The client calls up after a few days and says that he has not received it. What is the best way to immediately let the client know the status of the courier?
  Answer: Track the packet on the FEDEX website and send the client a copy of the current status of the packet.

Question: What is very important to remember to do when entering an office business meeting at any level, especially when clients are there?
  Answer: a and c

Question:  There are 20 new PC’s in the account department. Should there be anapostrophe in PC’s?
  Answer: No

Question: What does 'the bottom line' commonly refer to in an office environment?
  Answer: The basic controlling factor, notably the financial cost, regarding whether a task or a project can be accomplished or not.

Question: Which of the following is the correct response when you are dealing with a client, and your boss enters the room?
  Answer: a and d

Question: Which of the following file formats relate to a graphic file or scanned image file?
    Answer: a and d

Question:  When a client visits the office and arrives early what do office etiquette require you to do to handle the situation?
  Answer: All of the above.

Question: What is the difference between Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel?
  Answer: Access is mainly for databases and Excel is for spreadsheets
  Answer: Access is mainly for databases and Excel is for word processing

Question:  What information would the petty cash register contain?
  Answer: Details of small expenses related to the running of the office.
  Answer: Details of expenses on account of electricity and water bills.

Question: What is the benefit of e-mailing documents rather than always providinghard copies to individuals?
  Answer: b and c

Question: What are the traditional office hours in the Western world, now much more flexible, though still adhered to in most offices?
  Answer: None of the above

Question:  With regard to emails, when is bcc: used?
  Answer: When you want to send the same mail to several people and do not want the bcc: recipients of the mail to know who else the mail was sent to.

Question: When you are introducing a woman and are unsure of her marital status, which title should you use?
  Answer: Ms.
  Answer: Mrs.

Question: You are required to create a cost report for your department, and then present the report to the board. Which two programs would you use for these two tasks?
  Answer: MS Word, MS Excel

Question: You are asked to call up senior executives of your company located in different continents to inform them about the proposed dates for an international sales meeting. What is the best time to call them up?
  Answer: Between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.

Question: What does the glass ceiling refer to in a business context?
  Answer: The upper level of senior management or company execution positions

Question: What is the best practice for ensuring that sensitive material to be destroyed does not leak out of the company building?
  Answer: Shred hard copies save onto the file.

Question: According to standard filing conventions, in which order will the following three documents be filed?
  Answer: Doctor at sea, Doctor come quickly, Dr. Jones's office

Question:  Consider the following sentence:
'There are 20 new PC's in the accounts department.'
Should there be an apostrophe in PC's?
  Answer: No

Question: What common injury can result from too much concentration typingover too little amount of time?
  Answer: Repetitive strain injury

Question: You realize that the computer in your office is getting a lot of spam and unwanted e-mails. What should be your first action to stop these emails?
  Answer: E-mail the source of the emails asking them to stop them.
  Answer: Look for a Remove From Mailing List link in the email.

Question:  Which of the following are good office practices when creating documents such as letters, memos, company files etc.?
  Answer: Always save to hard drive and at least one back-up, such as a CD or thumb drive.

Question: What is the normal length of notice period for quitting job in most professional offices?
  Answer: Either 2 weeks or 1 month

Question: What is 'outsourcing'?
  Answer: Freelancing work to workers outside the main office building, often to foreign workers for cheaper labor costs.

Question: What is the best way to handle an angry colleague or client with a complaint?
  Answer: Listen to their concerns, and calmly but firmly explain what you are able to do, offering other solutions and options, without getting angry in turn.
  Answer: Shout back, and then, later in the day, find a place to sulk, or time to complain to your own boss.

Question: What does the 'glass ceiling' refer to in a business context?
  Answer: The upper level of senior management or company executive positions which is traditionally hard to break through, for example, for women and/or minorities.

Question:  In any office or business environment, what does the 'opportunity success rate' refer to?
  Answer: The number of won opportunities as a percentage of the number of won and lost opportunities.

Question:  What are the dimensions of an A4 size sheet of paper?
  Answer: 215 mm x 295 mm

Question: What does 'Class A office space' commonly refer to?
  Answer: The lowest quality office buildings in a given area.

Question: What is a 'mouse potato'(a comic phrase in an office environment)?
  Answer: b and c

Question: Which of the following activities could possibly infect your computer with virus?
  Answer: Installing pirate software from a CD

Question: What does administration generally handle in an office environment?
  Answer: The efficient day-to-day running of the office, with regard to company files, communication, management of jobs and such as overseeing hiring and firing and human resources etc.

Question: Which of the following are commonly used computer web browsers?
  Answer: Chrome, Explorer, Firefox

Question: What two kinds of printers are commonly in use in most office environments?
  Answer: Industrial and private

Question: What is a 'golden handshake'?
  Answer: The common usage for a series of re-hirings of past employees.

Question: Which of the following energy-saving practices can be used in an office without adversely affecting company productivity?
  Answer: Turn off lights and computers at the end of the day

Question: Which of the following are proven methods of improving your office skills?
  Answer: All of the above

Question: What is the benefit of e-mailing documents rather than always providing hard copies to individuals?
  Answer: b and c

Question: Your computer is not printing and a technician is not available, so you perform the following activities to investigate
the problem. In which order should you take these up?
1 See if the printer cartridge is finished
2 See if the printer is switched on
3 Try to print a test page using the printer self-test
4 Try to print a test page from Windows
5 See if the printer is properly attached to the computer
  Answer: 3,5,4,1,2

Question: What is an office 'memo circular'?
  Answer: simple message, usually delivered by e-mail or hard copy and sent to all office staff, updating everyone on new office

Question: What does the CTRL+V shortcut accomplish in Word 2007?
  Answer: It converts the selected text into the next larger size of the same font.

Question: When a client visits the office and arrives early, what does office etiquette require you to do to handle the situation?
  Answer: All of the above.

Question: You work in a company where some of your co-workers are recent foreign immigrants. They are unfamiliar with the work environment and your supervisor is polite to everybody in the staff but is often rude to these foreign workers. What will you do in this situation?
  Answer: You talk to the foreign workers and tell them that they should complain to the Upper Management.

Question: Which of the following are not recommended when trying to improve working with others in an office environment?
  Answer: Being as consciously helpful as possible, and offering practical solutions.

Question:  What is 'flexi-time'?
    Answer: occasionally moving the hands on the office clock so everyone can go home early now and then.

Question:  What is the person in charge of administering an office commonly called?
  Answer: Office Manager

Question: What does the abbreviation CEO stand for?
  Answer: Chief Executive Officer

Question: Traditionally, approximately how many pages should a business CV or resume have?
  Answer: Exactly 2 and a half, and never more or less

Question: What is the most frequently used typeface and point size when creating Word documents?
  Answer: All of the above

Question: What is the appropriate response to discovering the printer is out of ink?
  Answer: Walk away and tell a fellow office worker, hoping he or she will take responsibility.

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