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Financial Analysis Test Answers

Ques : Operating Efficiency is defined as ______.
Ans  : Net Income/Operating Expenses

Ques : How does Gross Income differ from Net Income?
Ans  : Gross Income measures profitability before operating expenses, whereas Net Income is calculated after all operating expenses

Ques : Which of the following are traded in the capital markets?
Ans  : All of the above

Ques : Government mandated requirements, such as installing pollution control equipment ______.
Ans  : may reduce a company's earnings but are considered a necessary social responsibility for the firm

Ques : Why do you not subtract interest expense from operating profit when calculating Return on Investment Capital?
Ans  : It is important to include interest as it is part of expenses

Ques : What does the Price to Earnings (P/E) ratio demonstrate?
Ans  : A company's stock price relative to its earnings. Higher growth companies have higher P/E ratios

Ques : Which of the following is not a part of cost of goods sold?
Ans  : Capital

Ques : If a company has a high P/E ratio relative to it's competitors ____.
Ans  :  everyone should invest in this stock and not the competitor's

Ques : With which of the following regulatory bodies would a publicly traded company be much more involved than a private company would be?
Ans  : SEC

Ques : Which of the following transactions would have no impact on the stockholder's equity?
Ans  : Purchase of land from the proceeds of a bank loan

Ques : Which is the primary financial statement used to measure profitability?
Ans  : Income Statement

Ques : Which report does a publicly traded company file quarterly with the SEC?
Ans  : 10Q

Ques : Which is/are the primary financial statements used to measure stability?
Ans  : Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Ques : In breakeven analysis, if fixed costs rise, then the breakeven point will __________.
Ans  : rise

Ques : In 2002, the US passed the Sarbanes-Oxley law which ____.
Ans  : was developed in response to the accounting scandals at Enron, Tyco, WorldCom and others

Ques : Which of the following equations properly represents a derivation of the fundamental accounting equation?
Ans  : Assets - liabilities = owner's equity

Ques : Which of the following is considered a profitability measure?
Ans  :  Return on Assets

Ques : What does Return on Assets indicate?
Ans  : How well a company employs its capital investments

Ques : Gerald's had opening total stockholders' equity of $160,000. During the year, total assets increased by $240,000 and total liabilities increased by $120,000. Their net income was $180,000. No additional investments were made. However, some amount was paid as dividend during the year. What was the amount of the dividend paid?
Ans  :  $60,000

Ques :  Which short-term financing rate always requires the use of international data?
Ans  : LIBOR

Ques : If a firm has $100 in inventories, a current ratio equal to 1.2, and a quick ratio equal to 1.1, what is the firm's Net Working Capital?
Ans  :  $100

Ques : Which of these items would be accounted for as an expense?
Ans  :  Purchase of land

Ques : Which of the following does the cash flow cycle measure?
Ans  : The time between purchase of raw materials and collection of cash

Ques : What type of analysis will describe how changes in volume affect costs and profits?
Ans  : Break even analysis

Ques : Which cash collection technique is the most cost-effective for companies with many locations?
Ans  : Regional collection offices

Ques : Asset Turnover is defined as ______.
Ans  : Assets/Inventory

Ques : Why would a company calculate their Risk Adjusted Return on Capital?
Ans  : Gives companies the ability to allocate capital in the optimal structure

Ques : What is the purpose of measuring profitability?
Ans  : To measure a company's ability to earn a profit and continue to grow in the short-term and long-term

Ques : To measure a firm's solvency as completely as possible, we need to consider ______.
Ans  :  the firm's capital structure and the liquidity of its current assets

Ques : By doing/issuing which of the following could a company raise short-term funds by selling receivables?
Ans  : By pledging inventory

Ques : Which of the following is a flaw with financial analysis?
Ans  : Each company uses different formulas to calculate the ratios

Ques : What is the purpose of measuring solvency?
Ans  :  To determine a firm's ability to pay its creditors in the short term

Ques :  Financial managers use the _____________ to plan for monthly financing needs.
Ans  : capital budget

Ques : Which of the following is a flaw with financial analysis?
Ans  : Errors are inherent in financial analysis, rendering it useless

Ques : What is historical value?
Ans  : The original cost or price paid for an asset

Ques : What is operating leverage defined as?
Ans  : Extent to which variable costs are utilized

Ques : If a company using financing has a 60% chance of a $75,000 return under normal conditions but a 40% chance of a $20,000 return when money is tight and borrowing costs are higher, what is the expected return for this firm ?
Ans  : $53,000

Ques : What is one caveat when calculating ROA and comparing to other companies?
Ans  : Carrying value of assets may be valued differently (historical, market) by different companies

Ques : Which ratio would you use to assess a company's ability to pay bills?
Ans  : Current ratio

Ques : Firm A has a Return on Equity (ROE) equal to 24%, while firm B has a ROE of 15% during the same year. Both firms have a total debt ratio (D/V) equal to 0.8. Firm A has an asset turnover ratio of 0.9, while firm B has an asset turnover ratio equal to 0.4. From this, it can be assessed that ______.
Ans  : Firm B has a higher profit margin than firm A

Ques : An inventory pricing procedure in which the oldest costs incurred rarely have an effect on the final inventory valuation is ________.
Ans  : Weighted-average

Ques : What is financial analysis?
Ans  : Comparing ratios using numbers from the income statement and balance sheet

Ques :  Accounting scandals of the past 5 years ______.
Ans  : resulted in criminal convictions of senior executives at large US corporations like Enron and WorldCom

Ques : CAPM formula calculates which of the following?
Ans  : Expected return on equity

Ques : Which of the following is an example of an area of business where use of "questionable" ethics is considered a necessity?
Ans  : None of the statements above is correct

Ques : The accounting scandals of recent years ______.
Ans  : have been dismissed as falling within the latitude of judgment for applying GAAP rules

Ques : Which ratio would you use to measure how effectively the firm uses the money shareholders have invested?
Ans  :  Earnings per share

Ques : Which of the following types of firms may operate with high operating leverage?
Ans  :  An auto manufacturing facility

Ques : What is meant by "the goal of the corporation is to maximize shareholder wealth"?
Ans  : Achieve the highest possible value for the firm

Ques :  Which is/are the primary financial statements used to measure liquidity?
Ans  :  Balance Sheet

Ques : What does CAPM stand for?
Ans  : Current Asset Pricing Model

Ques : Which is a characteristic of an efficient market?
Ans  : There are only small daily changes in price

Ques : Which of the following would not be included in a balance sheet?
Ans  : Sales

Ques : A company wants to increase its current ratio. Which of the following would help the most?
Ans  :  Creating more stringent collection policies to decrease accounts receivable

Ques : Rate of profit (r) is defined as ______.
Ans  :  r=(surplus-value)/(capital invested)

Ques : Which of the following is not a financial intermediary?
Ans  : Pension funds

Ques : Which is an example of a variable cost?
Ans  :  Raw material

Ques : Insider trading _____.
Ans  : is not legal under any circumstances

Ques : Which of the following inventory methods will always produce the same results under both a periodic and a perpetual system?
Ans  : All of these

Ques : If two companies have equal risk, which one will have the higher stock price?
Ans  : All of the above

Ques : Which of the following is not an area which is assessed by financial analysis?
Ans  : Adequate Cash balances

Ques : What is the formula for Return on Investor Capital?
Ans  : ROIC = (NetOperatingProfitLessAdjustedTaxes) / (InvestedCapital)

Ques : Which financial statement best allows a firm to assess its ability to pay dividends?
Ans  : Statement of Retained Earnings

Ques : Return on Assets is defined as _______.
Ans  : Net Income/Total Assets

Ques : How often can a company change its inventory valuation methodology and still be compliant with GAAP?
Ans  : Once per year, but not every year

Ques : Which security makes up the majority of external financing for corporations?
Ans  : Bank loans

Ques : The three sections of a Statement of Cash Flows are _____.
Ans  : Operating, investing, financing

Ques : What is the DuPont analysis?
Ans  : Breaks Return on Equity into 3 pieces: Operating Efficiency, Asset Use Efficiency, Financial Leverage

Ques : How does Cash Flow Return on Investment differ from most financial ratios?
Ans  : It assumes the stock market sets prices based on cash flow, not profitability

Ques : What is the purpose of measuring stability?
Ans  : To determine the firm's ability to stay in business in the long run

Ques : Retained earnings will change over time because of several factors. Which of the following factors would lead to an increase in the Retained Earnings?
Ans  : Net income

Ques : Planning for future growth is called ________.
Ans  :   financial forecasting

Ques : Pro forma statements are _______ statements.
Ans  :   projected

Ques : Which of the following is not a fundamental of accounting?
Ans  : Magnitude

Ques : What is the purpose of measuring liquidity?
Ans  :  To measure a firm's ability to remain cash flow positive and meet its short-term obligations

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