Saturday, February 7, 2015

Type Urdu/Hindi on Social Media and Computer

Hi Friends! Now I'm going to teach you how to write Urdu/Hindi on Facebook, Twitter, Notepad, Ms-Word, Photo-Shop etc. Even after learning this post you can type Urdu and any language, what ever you want to do. Even If you don't know that what is the basic rule of English writing and speaking then you can do one extra thing through this trick. Open Google Translate then select Urdu as a language and write Urdu language under the box which you want to translate into English, It will show you the result in English language.


How to Enable Urdu Language on Computer:

There are many documents which you have to make in Urdu and Hindi language, in some places you have to write Title in Urdu language, somewhere you have to write Urdu in middle of the documents and Rarely you want to type Urdu/Hindi in Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. So you not have to worry about it I will tell you all about it topic in this post. You just need to Install Google Input Tool in your Computer and Watch the Video Below.


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You can understand perfectly about this topic by the Video below because step by step languidness have been explained in this video. You just need to follow the instruction by this Video Below.

How to Install Urdu/Hindi Language on Computer | Watch Video Below:

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